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Linda, a friend of mine from Florida from the Sage-ing Guild, recommended that I subscribe to this website called Intentional LeadershipI highly recommend it.  Michael Hyatt writes succinctly and he has posts on how to effectively blog, how important headlines are, how to attract readers, … I spent more than an hour just reading his posts on how to improve my own blog.  Since we both blog about leadership, he reinforced what I already knew–that I still have so much to learn.


But since I encouraged my students to develop more of an online presence, I wanted to share his site because we can all benefit from the wisdom and experience Hyatt is sharing. I would encourage anyone who has a blog to read his advice about blogging and increasing readership in his posts which are listed on the right hand side of his home page under "popular" posts. 

Hyatt is very good at linking out to others.  His photos are interesting.  His posts are well written. 

I am going to practice what Hyatt preaches. Let me if you think my blog has improved. 

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