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Since you are reading my blog post right now, I assume you are interested in leadership and read other blogs.  One of the best blogs that I read and subscribe to about leadership is by Michael Hyatt.  He blogs about specific topics and they all interest me:  leadership, productivity, publishing, social media, and miscellaneous. 

In fact, one of his most recent blog posts is exactly the kind of information I try to share.  It is about the secret to happiness as you grow older.  The post includes a video interview by Tony Robbins, one of my favorite leadership gurus (author, life coach, motivational speaker), of a holocaust survivor who is 108 years old.  I encourage all of you to watch this video.  It is excellent just as all of the interviews conducted by Robbins.  He is a master at interviewing people from whom we can learn.  This woman is a sage.

But what is special about Hyatt's blog is how I learn something every time I read his blog.  I aspire to blog in this way where readers learn something of value that can be used, shared, or just remembered.  Hyatt's blog is a role model for me and might be for you too. If you have a blog or are starting one, you can learn about blogging from reading his blog.

Please let me know what you think–either of the blog by Michael Hyatt or of the interview by Robbins. 


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  • Ben

    The interview with the holocaust survivor is a wonderful piece of work. It is so great to see people like this! My main take-away was the advice to “Be thankful for everything.” We should all remember that every day.
    However, the world is not always that benevolent, as she well knows, and this seems to minimize the horrendous conditions in these camps – which is why the Nazis allowed her to live. This we can never forget.
    I also wish it were easy for people to change their basic personality. This wonderful lady was born happy and optimistic unlike many others, including her own twin. Sadly, the random twist of a chromosome makes some of us cranky and irritable while others are always pleasant and content.
    Sorry for the less positive comments on this, however, I do believe we all need to count our blessings and always be thankful for them.

  • http://www.jannfreed.com Jann Freed

    I agree with you comments Ben. It is easy to get pessimistic and negative and harder to stay positive on a daily basis. I have read Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning several times because his story about attitude is so powerful. We can’t control what always happens to us. The best we can do is control our response. It is a challenge, but important to think about daily–I think. Thanks for reading.