Decrease Stress—Increase Margin

BR Margin

  How is your “margin?”  Similar to space on a page, margin in life is breathing room.  When we are “over”:  overbooked, overloaded, overbooked, overstressed, overwhelmed–we are either out of margin or close to it.  These thoughts are based on my recent reading of Margin:  Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives … [Continue Reading]

Remember to “Look at the View”

#146582436 / Dave Mackaman, a friend of ours recently wrote a book Dogmatic Slumber:  My Journey to Awakening.  He was a high level executive with Wells Fargo who “retired” at 55 to live life.  This article explains the details.  Dave is the first to admit he truly is a different person and his book… [Continue Reading]

What Will Your Verse Be?

#148549017 / Interestingly, the chapter in Leading with Wisdom:  Sage Advice from 100 Experts that seems to be resonating with people is on “Leaders Live Their Legacy.”  This fall, I have given a keynote and two workshops on this topic.  What I learned from the sages is that we leave our legacy daily by… [Continue Reading]

Three Important Questions to Ask

#168654647 / At this Thanksgiving time, much is written about gratitude and giving thanks.  In fact, one requirement I have for my leadership course is for students to hand write a thank you note or note of gratitude to someone in their life.  Interestingly, one of my students this year asked if the person… [Continue Reading]

What Memories Did We Make?

A friend of mine and regular reader of my blog, send me an email with this question: “What memories did you create with the Japanese teen boys?  I am interested in knowing.” Good question and thanks for reading and for the questions. I will attempt to answer. The three boys were 15 years old.  While… [Continue Reading]

Making Memories

#143071482 / About a month ago, we hosted three Japanese teenage boys for a week.  They were here to take English classes at the local community college so they did not speak much English.  Cellphones are amazing.  We all used the Google translation app.  While it is not perfect and we had some amusing… [Continue Reading]

“Make Me Feel Important”

The other night in my leadership course we were talking about how leadership is about a relationship and how important it is to cultivate, nurture, and sustain relationships.  Then I remembered something I heard in a seminar years ago that has always stuck with me.  The person said: Imagine that everyone has a sign around… [Continue Reading]

Gaining An Extra Hour in the Day

#73508064 / Daylight Saving Time just ended and our clocks “fell back” an hour.  We had the chance to “turn back time” and gain an extra hour.  What did you do with that hour? Scott Simon had a thought-provoking piece on NPR worth sharing.  At least it got me thinking.  He said most of… [Continue Reading]

What do you see through your leadership lens?

I use the term “leadership lens” to emphasize looking for the leadership lessons to be learned–both good and bad–from the power of observation.  When we look around, there is so much to be learned about leadership.  Since leadership is a relationships, I look for examples of relationships, interactions, and communications. In my graduate leadership course,… [Continue Reading]