Got Faith? Tough in Tough Times

About six months ago, I was in our interim pastor’s office (Judy) having a conversation.  Judy mentioned how in seminary they said that it was always good to have a historical sermon in your “pocket” for emergencies–when you don’t have time to prepare.  I told her that I was a sermon junkie and had files… [Continue Reading]

The Key to Leading the 21st-Century Organization

#56322315 / McKinsey and Company in their newsletter titled McKinsey Quarterly, they are including interviews with some of their experts over the years.  In one of their recent issues, they had this interview with Tom Peters, most known as co-author ofthe book In Search of Excellence.  Peters reinforced the theme that I discovered in… [Continue Reading]

How to Stay Calm as a Leader


  For the past eight weeks, I have been taking a mindfulness meditation class on Monday evenings.  It was being taught by a friend of mine who studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn who is the guru on this topic.  Since I write about mindfulness in my book Leading with Wisdom and I integrate the concept into… [Continue Reading]

One Minute Coaching Messages


For those of you who are interested in leadership, I discovered these one minute coaching messages by John Maxwell.   People submit words and Maxwell gives his “take” on the word in one minute videos.  Click here for an example of his video on HUMILITY. On the right hand side of the screen you can sign… [Continue Reading]

It’s All About Employee Engagement!


According to a 2013 report by Gallup, only 30 percent of America’s workers are engaged in their jobs. We are living in the digital age and the demand for our time is fast exceeding our capacity and certainly draining our energy. It is easy for employees to be disengaged. Yet, research on engagement—defined as “involvement,… [Continue Reading]

The Four P’s of Leadership


Recently, I had the chance to hear again Dr. Tererari Trent speak at Inspired–the annual event by Chrysalis.  As a board member, we have had a year-long series of events celebrating our 25th birthday and Dr. Trent was the highlight for me this year.  Her story is remarkable–so remarkable that she was an honoree as… [Continue Reading]

The Gifting the World as We Sage


In August, I went to the bi-annual conference of Sage-ing International. It was held at Seattle University and that was a treat for me because one of my favorite things is to be on college campuses. There is another annual teaching conference I attend that also meets on college campuses all over the country.   We… [Continue Reading]

What kind of leader are you?


Just in the last week, I had three opportunities to talk about my book, Leading with Wisdom:  Sage Advice from 100 Experts, with three different groups–local Chamber of Commerce, professional women’s breakfast club, and a small group organized by a friend.  These events came about from my summer “lunch and learn” promotion.  So I am… [Continue Reading]