How to Start a Conversation


Recently, I was on a plane going to a conference and I am one of the people who enjoy reading the airlines freebie magazine.  I particularly like American Way of American Airlines.  There was an article titled “Pep Talk” and it was all about how to talk to strangers (T-t-S).  The author talked about how… [Continue Reading]

How to Predict Your Future


I recommend reading Jesse Lyn Stoner’s blog post on “The Best Way To Predict Your Future.” Stoner starts off with one of my favorite Peter Drucker quotes:  “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  This quotes speaks to me because if we really want something–we have to go after it and… [Continue Reading]

Life Experience Gives Us Freedom


In sage-ing workshops, I often talk about how sage-ing is so difficult because of our youth-centric culture.  So much of the anti-aging messages are focused on having external work done to make us look younger.  Rather, sage-ing is about the internal work that is critical to positive aging and wisdom.  We talk about how it… [Continue Reading]

A Great Asset: A Sense of Humor

It is easy to get discouraged in these uncertain times.  We probably all know people who have been downsized out of organizations, forced to “retire” earlier than desired, and college graduates who have struggled trying to find positions to start their careers. Last week I was cleaning my office and came across a piece from… [Continue Reading]

How to Help Employees Love Their Work


Only 30 percent of employees in America feel engaged at work. This is according to a 2013 report by Gallop.  When we look at the world of work– across 142 countries–the “proportion of employees who feel engaged at work is just 13 percent.”  As Gallop concluded, “for most of us, work is a depleting, dispiriting… [Continue Reading]

Leaders as Teachers


A few weeks ago I was in Nashville staying on the Vanderbilt campus attending OBTC –a teaching conference for management educators.  It is one of the most valuable conferences I attend because the focus is on learning and engagement of people–students, workshop participants, people in general.  This year the featured speaker was Dr. Ken Bain… [Continue Reading]