The Best Way to Develop as a Leader

How do athletes get better?  How do musicians improve?  The answer is athletes and musicians depend on feedback from coaches or people they trust to get better.  They expect honest feedback and professional athletes and musicians are willing to pay a lot of money for tips and advice on improvement. But why do leaders often… [Continue Reading]


Thank goodness it is Friday!  So I am sending you a couple of “feel good” videos–at least I enjoy them.  For the first video,        click here. I find it magical, inspirational, intriguing, imaginative, and just plain fun.  Watching and listening to the judges is almost as entertaining as the main character. The second video is… [Continue Reading]

Why Leaders Need to Dream

Last night I was the keynote speaker for the Ottumwa Chamber of Commerce Annual Partners in Progress Banquet.  It was the time when they recognize community leaders and give annual awards to companies who have been leading initiatives in the community.  I was asked to speak about Positivity in Times of Change. My remarks focused… [Continue Reading]

A Moving Example of Legacy Work

Reading Sharon

  Legacy work is an important part of sage-ing(C) or positive aging.  As we get older, meaning trumps money and significance trumps success.  Legacy work is all about the difference we are making in life–what we are leaving behind.  It is the “wake” of a boat that affects others in a positive or negative way…. [Continue Reading]

Trust is the Key Ingredient

View image | Leadership is not a position–not a title.  Leadership is a relationship and trust is the key ingredient. As my boys were growing up, my theme was that trust is the most important aspect to any relationship.  When you lose trust, you don’t have much of a relationship with anyone–regardless of how… [Continue Reading]

Important Super Bowl Leadership Lesson

While not a huge football fan, I watched the Super Bowl along with millions of other people.  And I enjoy the commercials as much as the football.  I was also tired of hearing about “deflategate” during the weeks prior.  After reading about Tom Brady in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine and the records he had… [Continue Reading]